Why Should I become a member of the Bell Buckle Petanque Club?

Joining Bell Buckle Pétanque Club is the best thing you can do to support the growth of pétanque in the Tennessee.

Bell Buckle Petanque club is a member of the FPUSA.
The FPUSA belongs to FIPJP, the Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal, the international family of pétanque players, which serves members in seventy countries. When you join us, you also are joining the FIPJP. Your membership can lead to unique opportunities to share the pleasures of pétanque with members around the world.
FPUSA clubs, officers, and members, including independents, have liability insurance coverage provided as a benefit of their membership. ​
FPUSA club members participate in Regional, National and International competitions. FPUSA teams compete at World Championships annually.​

With this membership you will become a part of an ever increasing dedicated group of local players, of varying skill levels, working hard to hone their abilities, be competitive and yet have fun whilst doing so and share their love for the game.

Membership has its benefits!

Here's what you get in return...

Exclusive membership to the only pétanque club in the Tenneesse.

Your right to participate within the club and have your voice heard.

Discounted price on equipment , event and tournament entrance fees.

Membership dues contribute to the on  going building and branding the club and  advertising  ourselves in a constant search for other players.

There is no charge for your first attendance.
After a membership is required.
The cost of membership is only $25.00 per year.
Please, download and fill up Membership Application and Insurance Waiver and bring it to our next meeting or mail to:  Bell Buckle Petanque Club     197 Edd Joyce rd Bell Buckle, Tn 37020
Thank you.  We will see you at our next meets.